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Here at Graduate Projects we promote opportunities for students, graduates, researchers and other early-career professionals to apply their skills and expertise to projects, challenges, innovations or other tasks and activities in the workplace. The opportunities may be paid, educational or voluntary.  We also promote activities for educational and professional development, for example conferences and mentoring. We aim to enrich the capabilities and prospects of students, researchers and early-career talent by facilitating links with a wide range of organisations that offer great training and professional opportunities and value contemporary skills and thinking in their workplaces.  

The opportunities we advertise are provided by a wide variety of organisations (called providers). They may be businesses, education providers, research organisations, government departments, community or professional associations.  Each provider has an organisational profile and their scope of work and list of posts can be viewed on it. Graduate Projects provides a great way for organisations to showcase their projects, research, innovations or other work and attract promising talent who can contribute towards them.

Graduate Projects aims to facilitate collaborations. For example, this could be through consultancies led by a professor, research partnerships or academic-industry project assignments. Collaboration between business and education is becoming more important these days, especially in research and innovation in areas such as science, technology and medicine. These collaborations often take the form of projects, research programs and partnership enterprises. There are great opportunities for organisations to showcase and promote such collaborations through Graduate Projects and attract developing talent and expertise.


Graduate Project Users

As a user of Graduate Projects, you can browse through a wide variety of opportunities to suit your skills and expertise. The search filters allow you to look for specific types of opening, for example internships, placement or project work that may contribute to your academic studies. Or you may have a particular expertise, for example in medical research or business systems, and you are looking for a research or professional contract in this area. We provide you with a powerful search facility that allows you to target the specific types of opportunity and activity that you are interested in.

Some organisations request that you contact them directly if interested in their opportunities. In this case, the process and information for your application are given in their post description. For other organisations, we provide a convenient way for you to connect with them.  You can set up an account, create a profile and send the link of your profile to the contact person in the organisation. We also have a messaging facility that can be used to get in touch with the relevant contact person. By creating an account, you can also receive feedback and incorporate it into your profile. Graduate Projects allows you to search, apply, manage and network for hands-on educational and professional development in a single space. 


As an organisation, or staff member within an organisation, you can promote your projects, research, innovations, tasks, educational and professional activities or other services on Graduate Projects. You can create a profile to showcase your work and the opportunities you are creating. You’ll be able to connect with high-achieving students, graduates, researchers, and other promising talent who can potentially participate in or contribute to your work or activity area. Graduate Projects specialises in linking emerging talent with innovative organisations and staff members who can offer great opportunities and challenges through specific projects, work tasks, training or other educational and professional development activities.   

Graduate Projects offers a number of features that help you maximise the impact of your postings and the way you manage them.  We have a strong search and categorisation facility that enables you to reach the right audience, whether you need to connect with a general pool of talent or those with specialised or technical skills. You can make your posts available to anyone, or they can be restricted to certain users. For example, an education provider may want to advertise work opportunities only to their own students. For large organisations, your information on Graduate Projects can be managed at the level of department, team or individual staff member. We provide you with a mechanism to set up an application process, review and select the profiles of applicants, search through profiles, and connect with users using a messaging facility. You have a very easy way to connect with a world of emerging talent. 


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Graduate Projects advertises a wide range of professional opportunities for students, early career professionals, researchers and academics who lead project teams. They are listed by title on the home page. The home page filters provide a way of searching for opportunities of a particular type, level, discipline, location, etc. Further details of any particular listing may be obtained by clicking on the title.

In order to save opportunities of interest, submit an enquiry or application, or contact a supervisor for further information, you need to set up an account. If you set up an account, these functions will be available from your dashboard. The dashboard provides a flexible way for you to manage all your applications and communications for the projects and other activities that you are interested in.

You can browse through the list of opportunities on the home page without having to register on our site. You can also apply for those opportunities that do not use the Graduate Projects website application process. These opportunities have their own application process that is provided within the opportunity description. For opportunities that do use the Graduate Projects application process, applicants will need to set up an account and submit their application or enquiry within our website. This is very easy once you have created a profile in your account. You can simply send your profile link to the supervisor of the opportuninty you are interested in. Having an account will also enable you to manage your applications, set up favourites and notifications, send messages to other users, participate in project or opportunity message boards, and receive feedback on the projects you participate in. It is a great way to build up your credentials in project or other work. 

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