Employer Education Collaboration Program June 04, 2018

Employers typically have any number of projects, innovations and tasks that don’t get done because of lack of resources, skills or urgency. They may be small in scale, for example contributions to social media, analysing data, conducting customer research, reviewing a policy or solving a technical problem. Or they may be extensive projects such as a business review, a marketing campaign, a software development, scientific or technical research, or renewing a business development strategy. All these organisational needs are in fact great opportunities for talented students and researchers. There is an unlimited pool of skilled and enthusiastic young people who would willingly contribute to your organisation as part of their education and development.

Education providers want their students and researchers to work on real workplace projects and challenges. These can be offered in different ways, for example full-time or part-time, onsite or offsite, individually or for a collaborative group. Young people in education today have sophisticated skills: independent research and learning; multidisciplinary content; project and collaborative work; technical competency. They need to demonstrate and strengthen these skills by working on real workplace scenarios in flexible ways.  Education is looking to employers to provide these openings. It is a ‘win-win’ opportunity.

Graduate Projects facilitates employer-education collaboration. We recognise that, for an employer, working with groups of students can be time-consuming. We minimise the impact on staff by managing the collaboration process. This includes developing specifications of the employer projects or tasks, selecting students and researchers with appropriate skills, supporting the management and coordination of the project, as well as the final delivery of the results. In this way, employers are not disrupted by the need to manage the students and researchers who are working on their project or other task. Working with Graduate Projects makes it easy for employers to collaborate with education providers to achieve successful outcomes.

Generally, for employer assignments that have education merit or work experience benefit, no fees are payable. Graduate Projects charges a nominal placement fee on commencement of a project or task.

Graduate Projects would very much like to hear from employers who would like to offer their wish list of projects, innovations, challenges and other tasks to inventive and enthusiastic students and researchers through the Graduate Projects Employer-Education Collaboration Program. 

For further information, contact us on [email protected] or +61451514589. 

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