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We are an international company that develops new technology for medical applications. We develop and supply hardware and software for a range of medical equipment including scanners, X ray machines, analysers, autoclaves, surgical facilities, as well as a range of smaller instruments and components. We supply our products to hospitals and medical research institutes around the world. 

Our headquarters are in London and Singapore. We have manufacturing operations in China, Poland and Spain. In total we have 2000 employees working across a range of technological, operational and business areas. 


As we have a strong focus on research in both hardware and software, our development groups are organised into interdisciplinary project teams that are responsible for the conception, design and prototyping of new equipment and systems. These teams work in dynamic environments that bring expert staff together for the duration of a project.  For each project, there is a Director who is responsible for the project plan and its implementation. Our Project Directors are continually looking for new talent and expertise to join their teams and advance their work. 


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