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We are a leading research organisation across a range of disciplines including science, engineering and medicine. We have more than 50 research staff and 100 postgraduate students. We specialise in interdisciplinary and collaborative research. We have many partners in industry and work on projects that have practical impacts. Research themes include

  • medicine
  • biotechnology
  • computational biology
  • biomedical 

and others

Our organisation

We are organised into 3 Faculties. 


In the field of science we have particular expertise in chemistry and nanotechnology. More than 20 researchers and 30 PhD students work in this area to advance capabilities in new nano materials and their application to industry and energy. We recently won a major grant to develop new types of solar cell. Interests are:


Our Engineering Faculty focuses on materials and civil engineering. We provide research and consultancy advice to major civil engineering companies and have been involved in construction and building projects. A recent development is in new types of glass product with self-cleaning properties. 


In the medical area, we have 5 laboratories that work in biomedical, biochemistry and implant areas. The other 2 laboratories have specialist surgical and clean room facilities. We apply nanotechnology to medical uses, in particular to new materials and implants. 


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