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Already home to almost 60 space-related organisations, South Australia is committed to further growing the local industry and build on the state's history of space activity

In September 2017 the South Australian Government created the South Australian Space Industry Centre (SASIC) to drive space industry innovation, research and entrepreneurial development.

The SASIC will support space entrepreneurs, create an incubator for space projects and an environment where new space technologies can be rapidly developed. The SASIC will build on the work done by the previous Space Industry Office at Defence SA, which developed the first space strategy of any jurisdiction in Australia. It will also support South Australia’s emerging space industry by providing grant funding (the 
Space Innovation Fund) of up to $1 million every year to young space entrepreneurs, along with new and existing space start-ups. 

The space industry challenges the innovative skills of our best researchers and engineers and it inspires young people to develop the skills to push forward the frontiers of scientific knowledge.

The growth of space and sustainable defence industries in South Australia plays a key role in the State’s economic development. The main capabilities and expertise are concentrated on: earth observation, satellite communications and space-based position, navigation and timing. These space enabling services support activities across a variety of sectors including communication, environmental monitoring and mapping.

The space industry contributes to the development of other priority sectors for South Australia including defence, agriculture, mining and tourism, as well as services for the community such as health and education.


The vision and mission of the South Australian Space Industry Centre is articulated in the Space Innovation and Growth Strategy (South Australia) Action Plan 2016-2020. This strategy is underpinned by three pillars:

  1. growing South Australia’s economy through space activity
  2. invigorating South Australia’s space innovation ecosystem
  3. engaging international cooperation with lead countries.

The strategy identifies the key direction, mission and actions needed to create a ‘space enabled economy’ in South Australia.

The action plan provides the structure to support this important area of growth, with a view to promoting an increased market share in areas that have not traditionally been linked to space, and giving rise to job creation and skill development.


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