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The Centenary Institute is a world-leading independent Medical Research Institute. Our strength is in uncovering disease mechanisms and applying this knowledge to improve diagnostics and treatments for patients and find cures for some of the most chronic diseases affecting today’s society.

We continue to build on our skills by focusing on and enlarging our research efforts in three key areas: cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular disease.

We are located on the border of the University of Sydney Campus and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. With many of our Faculty being professors and clinicians, we are well positioned to ensure a virtuous cycle of bed-to-bench-to-bed and translate our cutting edge research into practice. We continue to capitalise on this geographical advantage and build these relationships with a focus on multi-disciplinary collaboration to ensure that the Australian population receives the greatest possible benefit. Our Faculty has access to some of the brightest minds with students being energised by the synergies created in our affiliated stakeholders.

Our strength is uncovering disease mechanisms and applying obtained knowledge to treat patients. Our research spans from investigating molecular mechanisms of disease at the single cell level to translational disease models in complex organisms and to clinical trials. We will continue to build on these skills by focusing on and enlarging our research efforts in the three critical areas of cancer, inflammation and cardiovascular disease research.

We possess the scientific excellence and technological skills to allow us to understand the cellular and molecular drivers of inflammation, placing us in an outstanding position to make significant advances to overcome the prevalent diseases in our society.

Research Focus


At Centenary we have specific projects for prostate, liver, breast, pancreatic and lung cancers as well as melanoma and leukaemia. Our research looks to improve diagnostics and therapeutics for a range of cancers including some of the most difficult to treat.


We excel at understanding how inflammation drives disease processes. Through studying the chief cellular components of inflammation, the blood’s white cells and the lining of blood vessels and how they react to injury, we have defined new mechanisms and devised new drug candidates.


In cardiovascular disease we have projects identifying the genes causing sudden death in the young, aortic aneurysms in the middle years and atheroma (causing stroke and heart attacks) in the elderly.

Specific research programs offering projects for students at Honours, Master and PhD levels include:

The specific projects can be accessed on this website. 

For any student enquiries, please contact [email protected]


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