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The Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) is a Medical Research Institute which carries out a world-class program of innovative research, making breakthrough discoveries in the fundamental causes of cancer, and translating these discoveries into new ways to prevent and treat this group of diseases.

The CCB is an alliance between SA Pathology and the University of South Australia and boasts the largest concentration of cancer research in South Australia, currently hosting 22 full-time research group leaders and their teams.

CCB laboratories carry out research in leukaemia, breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, brain cancer and colon cancer, focussing in the specialised areas of gene regulation, molecular signalling, translational oncology and cancer genomics. In addition to these laboratories, our ACRF cancer Genomics Facility is providing access to state-of-the-art genomics research equipment, computing technology and bioinformatics expertise to Adelaide BioMed Precinct and the wider research community.

Translation of new discoveries into clinical practice is strengthened by the co-localisation of the laboratories within a single Institute, as well as its proximity and close collaboration with the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the University of South Australia, the University of Adelaide and SAHMRI.

The CCB also has alliances with leading pharmaceutical companies to rapidly exploit new discoveries. The Institute aims to be a hub of internationally recognized cancer research excellence, achieving tangible outcomes for cancer patients.

The CCB is a member of the Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI).

Research Opportunities

The CCB is an internationally recognised Medical Research Institute, aiming to achieve tangible outcomes for patients with cancer, through its strong links with clinical practice.

A key platform within this goal is to foster high quality postgraduate studies to build the next generation of world-leading cancer researchers. We achieve this through a comprehensive program of mentoring and career development, led by our internationally recognised group leaders. Averaging in excess of $10m in competitive grant funding and publishingmore than 150 scientific articles in high impact publications each year, the CCB offers the ideal environment within which the next generation of research leaders can thrive.


A range of domestic and international scholarships are available for students wishing to undertake Masters or PhD studies at the CCB.

Each CCB laboratory offers exciting opportunities for research studies at Honours, Masters and PhD level, as well as undergraduate summer student placements.

Please refer to the list below for current project opportunities. 

General enquiries should be made to:  [email protected]  or telephone  + 61 8 8302 7916



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